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Starting in February, The Movement Shop will be pre-order and limited release only (with a few of our faves still around)
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      Woman wearing a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt that says "Plank You For Being A Friend"
      Plank You 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
      A Woman Wearing a unisex crew neck long sleeve shirt that is pink and says 'Lady In The Streets But A Freak With The Springs" in black text and black pilates spring under the text
      Freak With The Springs Long Sleeve Shirt
      Sage + Pilates Crop Tank
      Woman wearing a green muscle cut tank top that says "push it real good" with two salt and pepper shakers on top
      Push It Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a mint tank top that says "Shavasana. Reset. Kickass."
      Shavasana Muscle Tank
      Woman standing against a pink  background wearing a mauve tank top that says "support your powerhouse"
      Powerhouse Muscle Tank
      A woman wearing a grey muscle tank top with a line drawing of Joseph Pilates on the front. Joseph Pilates is drawn in black.
      Joseph Pilates Muscle Tank
      Sold Out
      Woman wearing a grey crop hoodie that says "Happiness is Feet In Straps" in white script
      Feet In Straps Crop Hoodie
      A woman wearing a heather raspberry unisex crewneck t-shirt that says "You make my heart pound more than the jumpboard" in black script
      Jumpboard Love T-Shirt
      woman wearing a navy muscle tank top that says "keep your spine as long as a drugstore receipt". There are two tress in the background.
      Drugstore Receipt Muscle Tank
      Sold Out
      woman wearing a maroon women's cut muscle tank top that says "Support Your Powerhouse" in white text
      Support Your Powerhouse Tank
      Rooted To The Earth
      Sold Out
      Black Women's Cut Crop Fleece Hoodie That says Lady in The Streets But A Freak With The Springs in White text. There is a design of a pilates spring on the bottom.
      Freak With The Springs Crop Hoodie
      Relax Your Shoulders Crop Muscle Tank
      Woman holding weights wearing a crop top that says "ride or die to the beat" in a semi circle with a skeleton riding a motorcycle
      Ride Or Die Crop Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a heather mauve crop top that says "Can I get a watt watt?" from The Movement Shop
      Watt Watt Crop Top
      Wunda-ful Life Muscle Tank Top
      Feet In Straps Christmas Muscle Tank Top
      Catch Your Breath Then Catch The Beat
      Camp Pilates Crop T-Shirt - deep heather
      Camp Pilates Crop T-Shirt
      Black muscle tank top with 1" armhole that says "Deep Squat Energy" on the chest in white font. Woman leaning against a wooden background.
      Deep Squat Energy Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a red muscle tank top that says "love at first tuck"
      First Tuck Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a unisex blue hoodie sweatshirt that says "great things begin today"
      Great Things Hoodie
      Sold Out
      Shoulders Were Relaxed Crop Hoodie
      woman wearing a grey unisex hoodie with white drawcord that says "5 out of 4 Pilates Teachers Struggle With Counting"
      5 out of 4 (Pilates) Hoodie
      Pilates Skull Racerback Tank
      woman wearing a black crop racerback tank top that says "(tap) back that ass up"
      (Tap) Back Racerback Crop
      Woman wearing a heather raspberry unisex crewneck t-shirt that says "My Love Language Is Feet In Straps" in black script
      Love Language T-Shirt