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Starting in February, The Movement Shop will be pre-order and limited release only (with a few of our faves still around)
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      Woman wearing a unisex long sleeve t-shirt that says Peace Love Pilates
      Peace Love Pilates Long Shirt
      Woman wearing a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt that says "Camp Pilates" over a mountain design. Both the text and design is in white.
      Camp Pilates 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
      Woman wearing a long sleeve black shirt that says "relax your shoulders" in retro font
      Relax Your Shoulders Long Sleeve Shirt
      A woman wearing a long sleeve unisex crewneck long sleeve maroon triblend shirt that reads "happiness is feet in straps" in white script text
      Feet In Straps Long Sleeve Shirt
      Woman wearing a light blue long sleeve 100% cotton shirt that says "great things begin today" in black script
      Great Things Long Sleeve Shirt
      Pilates Skull
      Woman wearing a unisex 3/4 sleeve grey baseball shirt with black sleeves that says Lady In The Streets But A Freak With The Springs in black text with a black pilates spring design on the bottom
      Freak With The Springs 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
      Woman wearing a 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt that says "Plank You For Being A Friend"
      Plank You 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
      A Woman Wearing a unisex crew neck long sleeve shirt that is pink and says 'Lady In The Streets But A Freak With The Springs" in black text and black pilates spring under the text
      Freak With The Springs Long Sleeve Shirt
      Rooted To The Earth
      Woman wearing a maroon triblend unisex long sleeve crew neck shirt that says "I came. I saw. I forgot to count." in white bold text.
      Forgot To Count Long Sleeve Shirt
      Maroon Triblend Unisex Crewneck T-Shirt that says "wash your hands and keep your spine flexible" in white text
      Wash Your Hands Long Sleeve Shirt
      Camp Pilates Long Sleeve Crop
      Woman wearing a unisex crew neck long sleeved shirt that says "My Love Language Is Feet In Straps" in black script
      Love Language Long Sleeve Shirt
      Peace Love Biking
      Woman wearing a long sleeve pilates shirt that is heather deep teal color and has an elephant in black outline and says the word "stretch" in black text
      Elephant Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt
      Woman leaning against a wood grain backdrop wearing a 3/4 sleeve unisex baseball shirt with pink arms and neck and grey body. Text on the front of the shirt says "Life is tough but barre is harder"
      Barre Is Harder 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T
      Pilates Wrist 3/4 - heather gray/red
      Pilates Better Than All The Wrist