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      It's beginning to look a lot like fitness with these cheeky gifts and accessories for your favorite movement lover, bestie, or yourself!
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      Pink spiralbound journal that says "5 out of 4 Pilates teachers struggle with counting"
      5 out of 4 (Pilates) Spiralbound Notebook
      Pilates Thank You Flat Notecard
      from $15.00
      Wunda-life White Muscle Tank
      Merry and Bright Unisex T
      Christmas Feet In Straps T-Shirt
      Black metal water bottle that has "5 out of 4 Pilates Teachers Struggle With Counting" etched on to one side
      5 out of 4 (Pilates) Water bottle
      Rays of Sunshine
      from $21.00
      Spiral bound blue notebook that says "I'm just a girl standing in front of her pilates instructor asking her to remember to f'ing count"
      Just A Girl (Pilates) Notebook
      Spiralbound light pink color notenook that says "You can't make everyone happy. You aren't fee in straps."
      Feet In Straps Spiralbound Notebook
      Woman wearing a grey muscle tank top that says " It's beginning to look a lot like fitness"
      A Lot Like Fitness Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a mauve crop top that says "It's A Wundaful Life" with a wundachair in white text
      Wunda-ful Crop Muscle Tank
      15oz Mug that says "Nothing Lasts Forever (Except For When You Pilates Teacher Counts Down From 3. That Shit Lasts Forever.)".
      Nothing Lasts Forever Mug
      from $21.00
      Merry Fitness - The Movement Shop
      Merry Fitness Tank Top
      Wunda-ful Life Tumbler
      Purple 20oz coffee mug that says "peace, love, pilates" in a design laser etched on ONE side
      Peace Love Pilates Travel Mug
      Wunda-ful Life Mug
      from $22.00
      Plank You (blue) Flat Notecard
      from $15.00
      Pink spiral bound notebook that says 'there are three types of pilates teachers in the world: those who can count and those who can't
      3 Types (Pilates) Spirlbound Notebook
      It's A Wunda-ful Life Unisex T-Shirt
      Pilates Christmas Shirt
      Pilates Animal Cosmetic Bag
      Black travel mug that says "great things begin today" in script
      Great Things Travel Mug
      White 15 oz. Coffee Mug that says "5 out of 4 Pilates Teachers Struggle In Counting" in black text
      5 Out Of 4 (Pilates) Mug
      from $23.00
      White 15oz Coffee Mug that says Resting Teaser Face
      Resting Teaser Face Mug
      from $20.00
      White 15 oz coffee mug that says "Great things begin today" in black text. The quote is a nod to the Joseph Pilates Quote, "every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things"
      Great Things Mug
      from $20.00
      Wunda-ful Life Flat Notecard
      from $15.00
      White notebook that says "movement comes in all sizes"
      All Sizes (Heart) Notebook
      Peace Love Pilates Travel Mug