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Starting in February, The Movement Shop will be pre-order and limited release only (with a few of our faves still around)
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      You are Feet In Straps, Pilates Tote, Workout Bags, Fitness Gifts, Reusable Grocery Bag, Pilates Gifts, Pilates Accessories, Funny Bags - The Movement Shop
      You are Feet In Straps Tote Bag
      Rays of Sunshine
      All Sizes (Pop Art) Clutch
      Pilates Cosmetic Bag
      Reformer Is So Delightful Tote Bag
      Canvas bag on halloween background that says "Spine Young" with three dancing skeletons
      Spine Young Canvas Tote Bag
      All Sizes Tote
      Canvas tote bag hanging on a wooden hook against white wood background. The front of the pilates tote bag reads "Happiness Is Feet In Straps" in black cursive
      Feet In Straps Tote
      It's A Wundaful Life
      Movement Comes in All Sizes Cosmetic Bag
      A Lot Like Fitness Tote Bag
      Canvas Tote Bag with handles that says "started from the 100. Now we here".
      The Hundred Tote
      100% cotton canvas tote bag with handles that says "I'm just a girl, standing in front of her Barre Teacher, asking her to count". Bag is hanging off the back a wicker dining room chair.
      Just a Girl (Barre) Tote
      Canvas tote bag that says "my favorite types of dogs are rescue and downward". Tote is lying a coral color flat lay
      Rescue + Downward Tote
      Outstretch hand holding a canvas tote bag by it's handles. On the tote bag reads "Pet Puppies. Do Pilates."
      Puppies + Pilates Tote
      Lying To You Tote Bag
      Canvas Tote Bag that says "Personally Victimized By The Presidential Fitness Test". Tote bag is against a tennis bag.
      Presidential Fitness Test Tote
      Canvas tote with handles that says "There is Magic In Movement" in black text. It is designed to look like crystal ball.
      Magic In Movement Tote
      Canvas tote bag that is on the back of a white chair. Tote bag says "5 out of 4 Pilates Teachers Struggle With Counting" on one side.
      5 out of 4 (Pilates) Tote
      Pilates Canvas Tote bag hanging off a bike handle. Tote bag says "My Love Language Is Feet In Straps" in black text
      Love Language Tote
      Barre Lips Cosmetic Bag - The Movement Shop
      Barre Lips Cosmetic Bag
      Tap Backs Oregon Trail Cosmetic Bag
      Pilates Oregon Trail Cosmetic Bag