Movement Shop Ambassador Info, FAQS, and Links

Welcome to the Movement Ambassador Program!

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  1. I want to buy stuff for myself! What code do I use?
    1. Your code is tied to your Movement Shop Account (you must be logged in)
    2. AMBASSADOR15 for 15% off any purchase (regular or sale) up to $99.99
    3. AMBASSADOR20 for 20% off any purchase  (regular or sale) up to $100
  2. How do I get paid?
    1. The first(ish) of the month all sales will be paid via paypal. 
    2. I do not have the capacity to make sure your paypal is correct or to follow up if it’s not there. Please make sure your information is correct.
  3. What do I get paid:
    1. Currently, payout is 15% of any purchase bought through your link.
    2. Starting 11/1/2020, this will change to 10% of any purchase bought through your link. 
    3. Rising USPS prices (along with shirt prices), means I had to evaluate. However, this change does allow for more swag for you (WHOOP!) and additional prizes.
    4. Note: this program is dynamic;; I will be reevaluating each quarter based on sales, etc.
  4. Who do you work with to make these items?
    1. In order to make this store inclusive as possible, I work with a variety of suppliers to procure inclusive sized clothing.
    2.  Though not always possible, my preferred print production partner is Minute Man Uptown Press, located in Minneapolis (where I live!) and owned by Frank Brown.  I encourage you to read their story: not only are they founded on the social mission of giving people with records second chances, they are the ONLY minority owned union print shop in Minnesota. 
  5. Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. 
    1. Every order helps purchase one critical item need for St. Stephen’s Minneapolis, an organization dedicated to ending housing instability
    2. In April 2020, The Movement Shop Partnered with Pure Valley Apple Barre/Eagan and raised $20k for PPE for North Memorial 
    3. There are various items  in the store to help give back 
  1.  What is expected of me?
    1. Don’t be racist, homophobic, fatphobic, misogynistic, or all around an asshole (yes, I swear… a lot. Sorry, I’m trying!. There is zero tolerance for any of the above. Can’t handle that? This program isn’t for you.
    2. Don't forget to share the love in your stories, on Facebook, or in person
    3. Unless otherwise noted, the coupon code given is for you only. If found otherwise, your ambassador ship could be terminated
    4. There is a yearly sales minimum of $100 to be eligible to stay as a Movement Shop Ambassador. This rule will begin in 2021
  2. What is my coupon code that I hand out worth?
    1. Now until 11/1/2020, your code you hand out to your community is worth 15% of their original order (regular price only).
    2. As of 11/1/2020, your code will be worth 10% of the initial order (regular or sale price)
    3. Periodically, I will send additional codes to help stability
    4. In May 2020, The Movement Shop co-founded Move For Masks with with Pure Barre Apple Valley, MN to raise $20,000 for PPE for North Memorial Hospital 
  3. Amazon ships 2 day delivery, why don’t you?
    1. As a small one woman shop sourcing size inclusive clothes, everything is ordered on demand. R Creation time is 7-14 days and then your items ship.
    2. But at least good things come to those who wait!
  4. I have a suggestion or feedback! Can I tell you?
    1. YES! I am brand new to this and I welcome any suggestions. But also, 
  5. I don’t want to do this anymore, can I quit?
    1. Of course! Absolutely, no hard feelings!! Just let me know
  6. I have an idea for a shirt, can I tell you?
    1. Yes! But I am a firm believer that people get paid for their work (especially in the fitness industry) so before anything is decided we will find a way to make it fair for both of us. I will NEVER use a slogan, word, or quote that somebody else has used (and I do? Call me out on that shit FAST)


Note! This is a fluid and dynamic program; thanks for coming along for the ride!