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Starting in February, The Movement Shop will be pre-order and limited release only (with a few of our faves still around)
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      Pet Puppies Do Pilates Crop - The Movement Shop
      Puppies + Pilates Crop Hoodie
      Woman wearing a grey woman's cut muscle tank top that says Pet Puppies. Do Pilates. in black text.
      Puppies + Pilates Muscle Tank
      Pilates Animals Crop Tank
      Black 32oz with a listing of Pilates Animals exercises on one side: Cat, Cow, Elephant, Swan, Snake, Seal, Mermaid, Crab.
      Pilates Animals Water Bottles
      Woman wearing a blue muscle tank top from The Movement Shop that has an elephant and the word "stretch" on it
      Elephant Stretch Muscle Tank
      Woman wearing a unisex heather columbia blue t-shirt from The Movement Shop that says Cat, Cow, Elephant, Swan, Snake, Seal, Mermaid, Crab
      Pilates Animals Unisex T-Shirt
      15oz white mug that has the words "Pet Puppies. Do Pilates" on the front.
      Puppies + Pilates Mug
      from $33.00
      A mauve unisex crew neck t-shirt that says "A list of people I like: My reformer, A Cat, my wine". Mauve shirt is against a wooden backdrop with flower and jeans props.
      Cats, Pilates, Wine T-Shirt
      Woman wearing a unisex crewneck deep heather teal shirt that has an elephant in a black outline and the words stretch in bkack cursive text
      Elephant Stretch T-Shirt
      Pilates Animals Cometic Bag
      Downward + Rescue Mug
      from $33.00
      Outstretch hand holding a canvas tote bag by it's handles. On the tote bag reads "Pet Puppies. Do Pilates."
      Puppies + Pilates Tote
      15 oz white coffee mug that says "A list of people I like: My reformer, My dog, My Wine".
      Dog, Wine, Pilates Mug
      from $33.00
      Woman wearing a long sleeve pilates shirt that is heather deep teal color and has an elephant in black outline and says the word "stretch" in black text
      Elephant Stretch Long Sleeve Shirt